About Backing Tracks 101

We have been involved in the backing tracks / music business for many years, and so thought it was about time we gave something back.  We’ll be using this website to share singing and recording hints and tips, as well as a bit of background that might help all performers.

If you have a question relating to backing tracks or singing in general please get in touch and we’ll do our best to answer.  We can’t make promises but we’ll do our best!

You may be finding some of the terminology around backing tracks or live performance confusing, especially if you’re new to this business, or are now reaching the stage where you need a little bit of help, but aren’t quite ready to take on a manager.

So there you have it, welcome to Backing Tracks 101, we hope you’ll find this free resource useful and tell your friends about us.  Most importantly of all though, we want to hear from you, this site will be all the better for your input.  We want to see you succeed in the music business as much as you undoubtedly want to succeed!

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